1% Helps Preserve Razor Creek Ranch

1% for Open Space has added another pledge in the Gunnison Ranchland Conservation Legacy’s¬†efforts to help preserve Greg Peterson’s Razor Creek Ranch, with funding assistance for a 460-acre conservation easement on the property.

Razor Creek Ranch

Razor Creek Ranch

This is not the first time 1% for Open Space has granted funds to the Gunnison Ranchland Conservation Legacy for preservation of the Razor Creek Ranch. 1% funds were used in 2001 to protect 150 acres, and again in 2006 to protect an additional 430 acres. This 2012 easemnt creates a network of protected lands covering 2,927 acres in the Razor Creek Valley, which is also home to the imperiled Gunnison Sage Grouse. Funds were additionally granted by Great Outdoors Colorado, the Gunnison Valley Land Preservation Fund, the Gunnison Sage Grouse Mitigation Fund, the Jim Gebhart Memorial Fund, and other private donations.

Peterson’s ranch is located 20 miles east of Gunnison. This particular easement covers 460 acres of irrigated hay meadow and pasture. It is the final phase of Peterson’s series of conservation easements, which now protect his entire 1,640-acre property in the Razor Creek Valley.

The 460-acre easement includes 300 acres of irrigated meadow and pature that are designated as “Lands of Statewide Importance” by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. The ranch provides critical brood-rearing and nesting habitat for the imperiled Gunnison Sage Grouse, as well as habitat for numerous other wildlife species. The easement includes a half mile of Razor Creek and surrounding riparian habitat. The ranch also provides scenic views for travelers on the Doyleville-Cochetopa Road and for visitors on adjacent public lands. Mr. Petson is an enviornmetnally conscientious rancher who earned the 2005 Gunnison Sage Grouse Stewardship Award.

The ranch is located in the Gunnison Basin Megasite, which is considered to be of “Critical Global Significance” by the Colorado Natural Heritage Program. The Nature Conservancy considers the Gunnison Basin to be a priority conservation area within the Southern Rocky Mountain Ecoregion. The area’s biologically rich landscape received a “high” ranking in TNC’s assessment process. The property is also located in the Gunnison Basin Priority Landscape designated by the Colorado Conservation Partnerhsip’s “Keep It Colorado” initiative.

The conservation easement ensures that the land will be availabe for food production in perpetuity. THe undeveloped property will also continue to provide wildlife habitat and scenic views.




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