1% Pledges to Snodgrass Land Preservation Project

1% for Open Space has recently pledged its monetary support to the Crested Butte Land Trust’s Snodgrass project with a grant of $125,000. This land conservation effort will permanently preserve 110 acres on the eastern flank of Snodgrass Mountain as well as access to the Snodgrass Trailhead. The entire project consists of Parcels 1 (96 acres) and 2 (9.29 acres) of the Promontory Ranch as well as the new addition of the Ingraham Parcel (4.95 acres).

“For 1% the Snodgrass project carries the same value and magnitude of importance as that of the Lower Loop,” says 1% for Open Space Executive Director Molly Murfee, “What we know of Snodgrass is the trailhead that will be permanently preserved. Of equal value, however, is the gorgeous land that stretches north of the trailhead. Here are expanses of wildflower meadows, aspen forests, streams and views from Gothic Mountain to Bellview. It’s stunning.”

For 1% for Open Space, the project addresses several of the core values that guide their funding decisions. In this project, access to recreational opportunities is paramount with Snodgrass Mountain containing one of the important and widely used trains in the area alongside its renowned summer wildflower display.

As the acreage is perched at the northern end of the proposed development with its  northern border being shared by the Gunnison National Forest, it serves as an additional buffer between the growing town of Mt. Crested Butte and the town of Gothic, home of the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory.

In additional to the recreational value of permanently securing access to the Snodgrass trailhead, the project also helps protect valuable resting, foraging and migration habitat for black bear, deer, elk, moose, coyote, fox, mountain lion and beavers, among other wildlife. Upper portions of Snodgrass Mountain are identified as habitat for the endangered Canada lynx. Three streams travel through the project area feeding both into Washington Gulch and the East River, their protection therefore addressing 1%’s value of preserving watershed integrity.

1% for Open Space raises funds through voluntary donations from customers of over 100 participating businesses to help preserve Gunnison County’s open space, recreational opportunities, gorgeous viewsheds, ranching heritage and important ecosystems. Since 1997, 1% has collected over $2 million to help protect over 5,100 acres in Gunnison County.

Funds for the Snodgrass land preservation project were raised exclusively by participating 1% for Open Space businesses in the Crested Butte area.

“I really want to encourage business owners who value amenities – from recreational to wildlife to watershed – such as exist within the Snodgrass project, to become a participating member of 1%,” says continues Murfee, “The more businesses we have and the more support they feel from their donating customers, the more money we will have to donate to projects such as this.”

1% for Open Space is now in its Fall Sign Up Season through December 12. Interested businesses should get in touch with Executive Director Molly Murfee for a free coffee date and information session. For more information on 1%  for Open Space visit www.1percentforopenspace.org , call 970-349-1775 or write at director@1percentforopenspace.org.


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