North Map

Since 1997 1% for Open Space has helped fund the preservation of over 5,000 acres in Gunnison County and leveraged the preservation of an additional 1,000 acres. Through nearly 40 separate projects, 1% has helped protect open space land in three separate areas – North, South and the High Elk Corridor.

The maps below show the location of these different projects. If you would like a downloadable pdf version of all three of these maps that can be zoomed in and out, please click here.

Our Northern properties stretch from the northern border of Almont, through Crested Butte, to Gothic. This area includes such popular trails as the Lower Loop, Woods Walk, Rec Path and Lupine Trail. Additionally in this area are tracts of open space land that remain trailess, but enhance our lives through their viewshed and photographic opportunities. Even those simply participating in a scenic drive enjoy the benefits of these preserved parcels. These include parcels on Kebler Pass and in Washington Gulch. In partnership with the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory we have also helped preserve valuable research land that remains open to the public such as the Maxfield Meadows that grace the entrance to the old mining town.

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