Updates for Businesses

Need Supplies?

As you gear up for our busy "on" seasons, be sure to let Molly know if you need any new signs, Employee Fact Sheet, remittance envelopes or other such materials.   … Read more

Tell the World You Love 1%!

Remember to include the 1% for Open Space logo on your own website, ads and other media materials. Contact Molly if you need the logo or desire specific wording to brag about all you're doing to preserve open space in Gunnison County. … Read more

Be EnergyWise

1% for Open Space is proud to be one of the Office for Resource Efficiency’s EnergyWise Business program participants.  We believe that when you’re an organization whose sole mission is to preserve open space land, you better make sure you’re doing nothing to harm that land either.  We want to run a business that causes the least amount of impact on the planet as possible. Our experience with EnergyWise has been AMAZING!  We’ve performed a myriad of energy efficient upgrades and eagerly anticipate our year anniversary to see just … Read more

Recent Projects

North Pole Basin

1% Helps Fund North Pole Basin

1% for Open Space announces its pledge of $78,000 to permanently preserve 158 acres of North Pole Basin. Recently, Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) decided to help fund the purchase of North Pole Basin with a grant of … Read more

Razor Creek Ranch

1% Helps Preserve Razor Creek Ranch

1% for Open Space has added another pledge in the Gunnison Ranchland Conservation Legacy's efforts to help preserve Greg Peterson's Razor Creek Ranch, with funding assistance for a 460-acre conservation easement on the … Read more


1% and RMBL Continue Preserving Schofield Park

1% for Open Space has recently helped the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory purchase more Schofield Park properties for permanent preservation.  The purchase totals twelve lots, or 1.89 acres and is directly adjacent … Read more

News and Events

Rosy Paintbrush at Paradise Divide

Best Blooms of 1% for Open Space

Join 1% for Open Space executive director Molly Murfee for a “Best Blooms of 1% for Open Space” hike through the area’s most prolific wildflower displays of the season on Saturday, August 16 from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. How is there so much gorgeous open space in Crested Butte? 1% for Open … Read more

Baxter Gulch

Baxter Gulch Trail Begun

The beginnings of the new Baxter Gulch Trail commenced this summer with a grant from Great Outdoors Colorado funding a group from the Colorado Youth Conservation Corps to begin trailwork. About 10 youth, ages 17—22, built approximately 1/2 mile of the trail.  The trail is at an 8% grade and 24” … Read more

Kikel preserved acres

New Kikel Trail Talks

Discussions have begun with the Kochevar Trails Coalition with the Crested Butte Land Trust leading the charge to connect the new Lupine Trail on the Kochevar Parcel with the Kikel Parcel with a new trail.  The new trail would link the Lupine Trail through Kikel to meet the Slate River Road near … Read more