Baxter Gulch Trail Begun

View from Baxter Gulch

The beginnings of the new Baxter Gulch Trail commenced this summer with a grant from Great Outdoors Colorado funding a group from the Colorado Youth Conservation Corps to begin trailwork. About 10 youth, ages 17—22, built approximately 1/2 mile of the trail.  The trail is at an 8% grade and 24” across—perfect for mountain biking and hiking.  Dana Lambert of Arrowhead Trails oversaw the construction and provided professional trail building experience to the project.

The trail will continue to be built in stages for the next couple of years with the final stages allowing for volunteer efforts from the community. Ultimately, the trail will provide access to climbing Whetstone Mountain as well as a through trail to Ohio Creek.  A feasibility study has begun to place a campground at the trailhead.

Special thanks should be sent to Jake Jones, Town of Crested Butte Parks & Recreation Director and John Hess, Town of Crested Butte Town Planner who made this trail construction project happen

PLEASE NOTE: The Baxter Gulch Trail is NOT open and will not be for some time due to the multiple-year needs in constructing.

1% for Open Space funded the final needed trail easement to create an environmentally sound and user-friendly trail in 2010 with the Town of Crested Butte.  The Town of Crested Butte and Crested Butte Land Trust also did considerable work in acquiring easements to help make this trail happen.  Thank you to all the private land owners and organizations who have helped bring this amazing amenity to the community!


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